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Dore Magenta Smooth Ballroom dress size small TALL 2-6
Dore Magenta Smooth Ballroom dress size small TALL 2-6
Ocean Blue convertible Fringed Latin Rhythm dress size M 6-10
Ocean Blue convertible Fringed Latin Rhythm dress size M 6-10
DORE Wintergreen beaded Fringed Latin Rhythm dress size M 4-8
DORE Wintergreen beaded Fringed Latin Rhythm dress size M 4-8
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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I try on a dress before renting?

1. To try on a dress, click on the dress of interest to go to the page that lists the details and alternate views of the dress. On the dress details page, click the box that says "try-on." This will change the price of the dress to $10. Then simply add the dress to the shopping cart and check out when you're done shopping. 2. Contact us to visit our showroom in person! 

Try-on request

By using the option for try-on, you agree to the terms and conditions in our rental agreement. Each dress for try-on will be assessed a $10 try-on charge that will be applied to the dress that is rented. 

Are there additional fees if I received the dress early?

No, we often ship dresses with time to spare just to make sure you receive it in time. Late fees only apply if the dress is returned late ( more than 5 days after the last day of your event).

I need a dress in the next couple of days, is that possible?

Absolutely as long as the dress is in stock and is not reserved already. TO HAVE YOUR DRESS OVERNIGHTED to you, please email us after placing the order. Please remember that orders placed after 1pm EST will ship the following day. For example if you place an order on Thursday at 3pm EST, the dress will be sent out Friday, so you will receive it on Saturday if you elect to have it expressed. Additional fees may apply and we will email you with the added amount.

How do you normally ship dresses?

We usually ship via priority mail which takes between 2 and 4 days to receive. If you prefer a different type of carrier, please let us know in the message box during checkout. Additional fees may apply.

How do I rent a dress? When do I have to pay for the dress?

Online, simply add the dress to the cart and use the online check out system. When your event is over, please ship back within 2 business days. If you've ordered dresses to try on, locate the order form in the box with the dresses and make the appropriate selection. Payment for the rental is required to hold any reservation.

I want to buy the dress I rented, will you sell it to me?

Gladly, as long as no one else has reserved that dress after you. We also deduct the rental amount that you paid from the purchase price. Please contact us for sale prices. We also allow payment plans.

Where do I return my dress?

Please ship all dresses to 2905 Corinthian Avenue, Jacksonville FL, 32210 with a tracking number.

I paid for a rental, but ended up not using it.

Please refer to our rental agreement, article 8.

I have a dress I'd like to sell, will you buy it from me?

Sometimes we purchase dresses from customers if it's an awesome dress and an awesome price. However, we also offer the option to consign your dress. Please see the "consign your dress" tab for more information

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