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DORE Wintergreen beaded Fringed Latin Rhythm dress size M 4-8
DORE Wintergreen beaded Fringed Latin Rhythm dress size M 4-8
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Rose Gold Smooth Gown size 0-4
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DSI Green Royale Standard/Smooth gown size L 8-12
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Rental & Try-on Agreement

Rental / Try-On



Rental Agreement


Please read the entire rental agreement before ordering. Please help us keep our prices low! Kindly adhere to the time allowances. Thanks so very much for choosing Rhinestone Dress Rentals!

By ordering from our site,  you agree that you are 18 years or older.


- 1. Length of Rental / Rental Fees

Rental time begins with the first day of your event. Ballroom and Latin dresses must be postmarked no later than 2 business days after the last day of your event. A $25 per dress per day late fee will be assessed for every day a rented dress is postmarked late. Dresses that are not returned after two weeks will be considered a purchase, and the purchase price will be applied to your card. Please email us a tracking number for the return shipment.

- 2. Cleaning

Basic cleaning is included in the cost of the rental for ballroom and latin costumes, however the cost of removing permanent stains (lipstick, tanning spray, etc) that do not come out in basic cleaning will be charged to the card on file. 

- 3. Shipping back to us

You are advised to purchase a tracking number and insurance. If tracking and insurance are not purchased, and the gown gets lost in the mail, you may be charged for the retail value of the gown. Please return to 2905 Corinthian Avenue, Suite 6, Jacksonville Fl, 32210.

- 4. Try-ons

Try-on time starts from when the dress arrives at your residence (as indicated by the delivery confirmation from USPS). Try-ons must be return postmarked by the second business day after receipt, unless otherwise approved. If the gown is postmarked after the two days, the status of the order will then be considered a rental, and you will be charged for the rental price of the gown. Gowns ordered for try-ons must be returned clean, unused. If the gown is not returned to Rhinestone Dress Rentals as described above, the status of the order will then be considered a rental, and additional charges for damages may be billed accordingly.

- Try-on request

By using the try-on option, you agree to the terms and conditions listed. Payment in full is required to hold any rental for any date.

- 5. Late Fees

Failing to have the gown (and/or additional items included in the rental) postmarked by the correct date will result in a late charge of $25 per day, which will be charged to the person renting the garment, up to but not exceeding the value of the retail price of the gown for 14 days after the rental was due. Delinquent dress rentals over 14 days will be assessed the full valued price of the gown.

- 6. Alterations not done by Rhinestone Dress Rentals

Please do not have any alterations done on your rental dress without permission from Rhinestone Dress Rentals. You assume all financial responsibility for gowns altered (and/or damaged) by any other entity. Fees may be assessed due to alteration damages.

- 7. Disclaimer

Rhinestone Dress Rentals is not responsible for wardrobe malfunctions, the effect a dress may have in a ballroom competition, whether it be movement or scores, or any injuries that may result from a wardrobe malfunction.

- 8. Cancellation of rental reservation/ try-on orders

Dresses that are paid for, and ordered or reserved for a rental, but end up not being used will be handled the following ways: 

1. Cancellations up to two weeks prior to the scheduled shipment (or date of event for local customers) will be refunded 100% of fees paid for. 

2. Cancellations that occur within two weeks of the scheduled shipment (or date of event for local customers) will be issued a store credit in the amount of any rental paid. 

3. Dresses that have already been shipped to, or received by the customer, will be assessed the full rental amount as we have no way of knowing if the dress was actually used or not. This includes dresses ordered for try-on that have the same time frame span of your event. 

Try-on Agreement


By using this site for try-ons, you agree to the terms and conditions in our rental agreement. Each dress for try-on will be assessed a $10 try on charge for ballroom, latin, and formal dresses. The try on charge will be applied to the dress that is rented. 

Once you receive the dresses, you have two days to try them on and make a decision. If your event 21 or more days from the try-on time, please send all the dresses back and your selected dress will be reshipped to you. If your event is less than 21 days away from the time you try on the dresses, please hold onto your selected dress until after your event and only ship back the dresses that did not work out.

RETURN ADDRESS: 2905 Corinthian Avenue, Ste 6, Jacksonville FL 32210



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